Ray Wise
Character Bobby Fox
Birthday August 20, 1947
Birth Place Akron, Ohio, USA
Appearances "Suicide Squeeze"

Ray Wise (born Raymond Nicolas Wise) is an American actor who plays Bobby Fox on Castle.

Wise, a veteran of the small and silver screen with over 40 years' experience, there are few major series of the last two decades in which he has not turned up at some point. He is generally cast as the "silver-tongued devil" style of character, an archetype which fits Bobby Fox to a tee.

In fact, in the series "Reaper", he played The Devil, Satan himself, which was a career high (or low) of sorts. Around the same time as his performance on Castle, he was playing against type as a priest on "Psych".

Wise is currently appearing on CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless as Ian Ward.

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