Rebecca Siegel
Wikia Castle - Rebecca Siegel
Rebecca Siegel on her second visit
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Sam Siegel (ex-husband, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances Heartbreak Hotel
Portrayed by Laura Regan

Rebecca Siegel was an ex twice over, an ex-model and the ex-wife of Sam Siegel, whose body is found far from his Atlantic City business base, but no great distance from her apartment, in Heartbreak Hotel

Rebecca was still the co-signatory to certain documents, and, on the night of his murder, he came looking for her, needing her to release a building which was technically joint property.

He offered her $1.5 million for her half, which was the book value of the whole building. Sam had a partner in the casino, Charlie Turner, who had the obvious underworld connections that the venture required, but as the tale unfolds, the partners come to resemble a more gestalt, Jekyll and Hyde style of arrangement.

Unfortunately, it also becomes clear that Sam had embezzled from the casino, and so Charlie and the mob shoot up the suspect list.

However, the discovery that, contrary to her testimony, Rebecca did sign the release leads to her arrest, and she confesses to the murder, although the mitigating circumstances that Sam obtained the signature under duress (he stuck a gun in her mouth) may well reduce her sentence.

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