Vital Statistics
Full Name Katrina
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Fashion Model
Character Information
Appearances "Inventing the Girl"
Portrayed by Shanna Collins
Rina (real name Katrina) is a fashion model who used to be Alexis' babysitter, and they watched High School Musical together.

When Alexis' father, Richard Castle, meets her at Teddy Farrow's fashion show, she recognizes him but he fails to do the same, assuming her to be another random girl whom he must have met at another random party. She writes her number on his palm and asks him to call her.

Later in the day, it is Alexis who reminds him that Rina used to babysit her. Castle recalls her as a gangly girl, having braces and named 'Katrina'. Alexis says that she did the whole 'ugly duckling turns swan thing', shortened her name and became a model. Learning this causes Castle to lose all romantic interest in her, although he does encourage Alexis to re-establish a friendship, having seen in the episode how lonely models' lives can be. ("Inventing the Girl")

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