Ruth Spurloch
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Children Jack Spurloch (son)
Bobby Spurloch (son)
Character Information
Appearances Cuffed
Portrayed by Deborah Van Valkenburgh

Ruth Spurloch is the ruthless and domineering matriarch of a Texas family that breeds tigers, which is legal in the Lone Star State, and exports them to New York, which isn't.

She and her boys make a six or seven figure annual income from this trade, so when the DEA come snooping around and their driver Hank Spooner seems inclined to give them up, the family kill him, dumping the body in a fleabitten motel and burning off the fingerprints, to complicate identification.

The ingenuity and determination of Beckett and Castle, however, puts them on the right scent, but their imprudence in failing to keep Esposito and Ryan in the loop almost costs them everything, since Ma Spurloch literally feeds them to the tiger.

Ryan and Esposito arrive in time to find Castle and Beckett but are confronted at gunpoint by Ruth and her sons. Eventually Ruth tells them that her and her sons will flee and Ryan and Esposito can die going after them or they can save their friends. Ryan and Esposito reluctantly let the three go but as they try to drive off, they are confronted by heavily armed police officers led by Captain Victoria Gates. Outnumbered, Ruth and her sons surrender.

After their arrest, Martinez hands the animal trafficking case to the FBI and the evidence in the murder to the NYPD to put Ruth and her sons away for life.

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