Sara Manning
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Occupation Nanny
Ian Harris (affair)
Character Information
Appearances "Nanny McDead"
Portrayed by Mandy Kowalski (uncredited)

Sara Manning was a young woman living in New York City, and the victim in the episode "Nanny McDead". She was accidentally killed by her friend, Chloe Richardson, and stuffed into a dryer after it was revealed that both nannies were having an affair with the same man - Chloe's employer, Ian Harris, who also got Chloe pregnant.

Sara was originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and had been college friends with Chloe and Brent Johnson, who was her boyfriend at one point. Since Sara worked for Howard and Claudia Peterson as the nanny for their son, Justin, it was initially thought that Howard and Sara were having an affair behind Claudia's back, but it later turned out that while Howard was having an affair, it was actually with a female work colleague of his and not Sara.

Sara knew that Howard was having an affair with another woman, but Howard had been paying Sara extra money to lie to Claudia for him about the affair. However, Sara revealed Howard's affair to Claudia a few weeks before she was murdered, and Claudia came up with plans of "serving" her husband with divorce papers.

Sara's case was the first one that Castle saw from beginning to end, and Beckett's handling of it set much of the tone for his portrayal of Nikki Heat.