Scarlett Price
Scarlett price
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Secretary
Call girl
Character Information
Appearances "Love Me Dead"
Portrayed by Michaela McManus

Scarlett Price is a character portrayed by Michaela McManus in the ABC crime series Castle.

Scarlett worked as a secretary for NY Assistant District Attorney Jack Buckley.

She first came into contact with Castle and Beckett when they investigated Buckley's murder; he had been tossed off a multi-storey car parking garage.

Although Castle sympathized with her tearful explanation about the circumstances that led to her becoming a call-girl, claiming that Buckley gave her the job as his secretary when she mentioned her interest in law, it was eventually revealed that she was involved in the murder, because she worked together with John Knox take over Buckley's secret callgirl ring, exploiting her knowledge of the contact details for the organization.

When the police discovered Buckley's secret, she decided to let Knox take all the blame and kill him, so she could save herself and control the callgirl ring.

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