Serena Kaye
Serena Kaye
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Insurance Investigator
Character Information
Appearances "Eye of the Beholder"
Portrayed by Kristin Lehman

Serena Kaye[1] was the museum’s insurance investigator in "Eye of the Beholder".

She was in charge of finding and returning the stolen piece of art called "The Fist of Capitalism".

She has a dislikeable relationship with Beckett, most likely due to her romantic relationship with Castle . During this investigation, she was thought to have been the murderer and the thief, but was proved innocent by Castle and Beckett.

After the investigation, she offers to have Castle go with her to her hotel room, but he decides not to.


  1. Her name is a reference to the name Selena Kyle, the secret identity of the DC Comics character "Catwoman"

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