Sierra Goodwin
Sierra Goodwin
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Former Model
Character Information
Appearances Inventing the Girl
Portrayed by Torrey DeVitto

Sierra Goodwin was an aspiring young model in New York, employed by fashion figure Teddy Farrow and a "friend" of the murder victim Jenna McBoyd.

After Jenna was murdered, she took her place as the new face of Teddy's next campaign, which made ​​her a suspect in the murder. She was later found to have been slipping Jenna drugs in order to sabotage her and help her own career.

Detective Beckett later reported Sierra and Wyatt Monroe, who tried to blackmail Jenna into having sex with him, to their boss Teddy Farrow. Farrow was furious with both his employees and fired them. He also spread the story to the entire fashion business, ensuring that no one would ever hire Sierra or Wyatt again.

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