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Sky Blue
Wikia Castle - Sky Blue
Sky Blue at first sight
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Singer
Other family Hayley Blue (sister, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances "Famous Last Words"
Portrayed by Erin Foster

Sky Blue is the younger sister of Hayley, the lead singer of the band "The Blue Pill" in "Famous Last Words".

When Hayley turns up dead, Sky is one of a vast array of people with an apparent cause to wish her ill. Sky feels that Hayley lorded her talent over her (Sky), and was left with a feeling of betrayal by her death, since Hayley had promised her they would be a team again.

As would be expected of a recovering drug addict, Sky's words and actions are not always linear, and so she remains on the periphery of the potential suspect pool.

At the end of the episode, after Ian Busch is exposed as the murderer, Sky performs, with the rest of the band, a rendition of one of her sister's numbers, dedicated to Hayley Maria Blue.

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