St. Miriam is a fictional distillery best known for their 1875 St. Miriam Rock of Scotland bottling.

In 2010, one bottle from former NYC Mayor Jimmy "Beau James" Walker's collection—believed to be the last of its kind—sold for $26,000. Becket and Castle later found Walker's large stash of bottles thought destroyed during prohibition. The stash of bottles was the reason for the murder in "Last Call".

Later, DA Lou Karnacki took delivery of some before Roy Montgomery recorded him confessing in "Law & Murder".

Bottle label
A. …………’s
St. Miriam
By Appointment
To His Majesty The King
St. Miriam Distillery


  • The prop bottle label has a typo: Whiskey is the Irish spelling (also used in America), Whisky (no "e") is the correct Scottish spelling (also used in Canada and Japan).[1][2]
  • The Label also incorrectly uses the phrase 'By Appointment To his Majesty The King' in 2 ways; firstly it should say 'of his majesty' instead of 'to his majesty'. Secondly, and more importantly, in 1875 Britain was ruled by Queen Victoria.

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