Steven Heisler
Wikia Castle - Steven Heisler
Steven Heisler as the gavel really comes down
Vital Statistics
Title Associate Director
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances "Last Call"
Portrayed by Oliver Muirhead

Steven Heisler, an associate director at Hagen and Graham's Auction House, appears on Beckett and Castle's radar in "Last Call", as the man who helped provide an unexpected windfall in the finances of murder victim Donny Hayes.

Mr. Heisler explains that his auction house acted for Donny in the sale of a bottle of 1875 St Miriam Rock of Scotland scotch whisky, believed to be the last surviving remnant of Beau James' infamous and illegal stash. Unfortunately, Mr. Heisler proves to be the man who murdered Donny for the rest of the stash, which had not, as was originally believed, been destroyed by federal agents.

Steven Heisler appears somewhat supercilious when first encountered, but returns to earth, and a more conciliatory manner, with a bump when confronted with the fact of Donny's murder. Presumably his distaste for dockworkers, which is only thinly veiled in his opening comments, might well extend to barbaric internet millionaires who mix scotch and root beer, but in the latter case the need to keep clients and reputation intact might still his tongue.

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