Sue Vaughn
Wikia Castle - Sue Vaughn
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation former Wedding co-ordinator
Con artist partner
Character Information
Appearances Fool Me Once…
Portrayed by Jennifer Riker

Sue Vaughn is a character portrayed by Jennifer Riker in the ABC crime series Castle.

Sue Vaughn is the wedding co-ordinator whom Beckett and Castle meet on their first visit to the palatial Finnegan residence in "Fool Me Once…". Sue, it turns out, was providing logistical and emotional support to her friend, Elise Finnegan, in the build-up to her wedding to Steven Lambert, the love of her life.

Tragically, his own life has just been cut short in a bizarre, simulated Arctic expedition, murder, and so the wedding is permanently off. Or has it, and is it? Steven, after all, is a master of manipulation, and he does have more than adequate cause to want to slip out from under his own past. Steven was running simultaneous cons, and yet, apparently, wasn't pulling in any money, just playing the hand out.

Elise gets a call from Steven, and is all set to run away with him, with Sue's willing aid, when the final con is unveiled - Sue killed Steven, faked the call, and was about to get away with the money when Beckett's earlier switcheroo kicks in, and she arrests Sue.

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