Susan Mailer
Wikia Castle - Susan Mailer
Susan Mailer reliving the aftermath
Vital Statistics
AKA Mary Wright
Gender Female
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Ghosts
Portrayed by Jillian Armenante

Susan Mailer is a character portrayed by Jillian Armenante in the ABC crime series Castle.

Mailer was one of the victims of Cynthia Dern's bombing twenty years before Ghosts, although she did not, as originally believed, perish in the blast.

Susan, wounded and disfigured, got away, and created a new identity for herself, something light-years away from her time as an Eco-warrior at Cynthia's side, a process mirrored on Cynthia's part, as she created the identity of Allison Goldman for herself.

In 2009, "Allison" was preparing to sell her story when the unwelcome Ghost of Crimes Past, in the form of Susan, reared its head. Cynthia had whitewashed her role in the attack, claiming that she tried to dissuade Susan when she discovered the captain was aboard, and fled the scene only out of necessity, to preserve her own life.

In fact, she had proceeded with the bombing, and Susan had attempted to the defuse the device, which was why Susan was caught in the blast.

Susan caught wind of Cynthia's plans to novelize her version of events, portraying Cynthia as the hero and Susan as the villainess. Susan contacted Cynthia, threatening to turn herself in and tell the authorities the real story if she went through with the novel.

Looking to "iron out inconsistencies" in the varied versions of the tale and silence the only person who could contradict them, Cynthia lured Susan to a transient hotel, with the intention of murdering her. She attempted to get Susan to drink a glass of wine laced with a sleeping pill, but Susan was not a drinker.

When Cynthia blocked her attempts to leave, she hid in the bathroom and discovered the tub full of oil and she realized Cynthia's plan.

Killing her would attract publicity for Cynthia's book, the public being led to believe that Susan committed suicide out of remorse for her "villainous" actions.

In the struggle however, it was Cynthia who wound up dead, and Susan, who had attempted some degree of recompense for her crime by sending the wounded captain money, on a monthly basis, sadly ended the episode facing possible jail time for killing Cynthia.

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