Ted Murphy
Vital Statistics
AKA Teddy
Gender Male
Status Alive / In custody
Other family Greg Murphy (nephew)
Character Information
Appearances "A Rose for Everafter"
Portrayed by Graham Beckel

Ted Murphy, known as 'Teddy' to his family was the uncle of Greg Murphy, and apparently his only surviving relative. He appeared in the episode A Rose for Everafter.

When Teddy lost a great deal of money in the recent financial crisis, he decided to finance his lifestyle by taking money from a trust fund established by his nephew Greg's grandparents, it was unspecified whether these were Greg's paternal or maternal grandparents, leaving it unclear if they were Teddy's parents, reasoning that Greg would never find out as the money was to be kept in the trust fund until Greg married.

However, when Greg revealed his engagement to Kyra Blaine, Teddy was quickly determined to stop the marriage. Recognising that Greg wouldn't leave Kyra on his own, Teddy contacted Sophie Ronson, an old friend of Greg and Kyra's and the one who had originally introduced them, using Sophie's current financial difficulties and her old feelings for Greg to help her come to New York for the wedding so that she could seduce Greg and thus give Teddy 'evidence' that the wedding should be called off. However, Greg rejected Sophie, and when she ran out of the room, Teddy strangled her in her own hotel room so that she couldn't admit the truth.

Although Sophie's death nearly sabotaged the wedding anyway, the subsequent investigation allowed Richard Castle and Kate Beckett to trace Sophie's last moments, deducing that someone had provided her with the money to come to the wedding. Having identified Teddy as the most likely suspect, his role as the killer was confirmed when examination of his clothing revealed that a platinum tie-pin he had been wearing while strangling Sophie was slightly stained with blood where it had scratched her back while he was attacking her; Teddy hadn't bothered to clean the tie-pin as it had never occurred to him that it could be used as evidence.

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