Travis McBoyd
Travis McBoyd
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Jenna McBoyd (Wife, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances "Inventing the Girl"
Portrayed by Matt Barr

Travis McBoyd was the husband and killer of model Jenna McBoyd.

Both originally from a small town, they moved to New York so that Jenna could pursue her dream of modelling, but Travis was unaware of how difficult things were for Jenna in her career, as a friend was slipping her drugs and crooked photographer Wyatt Monroe was attempting to blackmail Jenna into sleeping with him to improve her chances of getting a contract as the new face of her agency's campaign.

When Travis followed Jenna one night and saw her coming out of Monroe's apartment, he lost his temper and stabbed her with a photography award she had taken from Monroe by accident, leaving her in a fountain. During the subsequent investigation, however, the team discovered that Jenna had purchased a new mobile phone, realizing that she had actually gone to Monroe simply to try and record him incriminating himself on tape, only for the plan to backfire due to her inexperience.

Since Jenna had left the ‘Record’ function on after leaving Wyatt’s apartment, the team were thus able to hear the first few moments of her confrontation with Travis, Detective Beckett subsequently bluffing Travis into confessing by claiming that they had the entire murder on the phone when they really only had Travis revealing his presence, playing him a recording that included Jenna rejecting Wyatt so that she could go home to Travis.

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