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    Okay, I have decided to put together some theories I have for the end of the season, or just future episodes. 

    • Remember in the latest episode Alexis had a vlog, I think she will get stolen and that will be the season 5 2-part episode, maybe even 3 cuz that would be an intense episode(s). 
    • The triple killer will come back sometime, if I remember right he did come back already when he put the blame on Castle, but I think he'll come back again - I don't remember if he died, escaped, or went to jail so tell me if this one won't work - and end up doing some real bad stuff. 
    • This is my season finale theory as follows -
      • It is the one year (I'd think so) anniversary between Castle and Beckett, they are going to have a special dinner in two nights, but…
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