Okay, I have decided to put together some theories I have for the end of the season, or just future episodes. 

  • Remember in the latest episode Alexis had a vlog, I think she will get stolen and that will be the season 5 2-part episode, maybe even 3 cuz that would be an intense episode(s). 
  • The triple killer will come back sometime, if I remember right he did come back already when he put the blame on Castle, but I think he'll come back again - I don't remember if he died, escaped, or went to jail so tell me if this one won't work - and end up doing some real bad stuff. 
  • This is my season finale theory as follows -
    • It is the one year (I'd think so) anniversary between Castle and Beckett, they are going to have a special dinner in two nights, but they find a dead body that links to Beckett's mother's killer, she is know on the rage to try and stop him, and Castle doesn't like it. Castle plans to propose to Beckett and informs his mother about it, but tries to keep it secret from Alexis, for fear of her not liking the idea. Castle tries to prevent Kate from going out to catch the guy and she tells Castle that they are through. Castle goes home mad and throws the jewellery box the ring is in across the room, he is really mad. Meanwhile, Esposito and Ryan are trying to track down the guy, Kate tells them it is her case and that they should stay away. Castle puts the ring in a drawer and tells Alexis, she says it's a great idea and Castle corrects her by saying 'was' a great idea. He reveals they are no longer at it. And meanwhile, Espositio and Ryan find a lead, but after they try to tell Kate she shoves one against the wall and tells them to leave her alone. Kate starts crying once they leave her, and Espisito has left the file they found, she opens it up while crying. Kate visits Castle and asks him if he's willing to try it again, Castle tells her he doesn't have the time or dignity to sit down and watch her kill herself by going after the guy, Kate says goodbye and he slowly - but eventually - closes the door behind her, she walks off with a sad face. 

Tell me what you think, I know the season finale is a little long, but that was just a good description of what I THINK - remember no spoilers - will happen there. 

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