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  • Carbon Spoony

    Ready for Season 4

    September 8, 2011 by Carbon Spoony

    Yippee!!!!! finally got a full day to get Castle Wiki for Season 4, added the TV promo for Rise as well as updated all the character pics. Season 4 template is also up and ready as well as pages for the first 5 episodes of Season 4 so its all ready to go :D

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  • Carbon Spoony

    Hey all,

    Sorry i have been gone, work has had me really busy and i thought i better let the shock of the Season 3 finale settle down....Cant wait for Season 4!!!

    In the meantime we have got the new Nikki Heat book on the way..... :D

    Also i've moved Knockout down to the "This Week On Castle" section and put a great Recap/Movie Trailer that i found on Youtube on the "Promo" video spot on the main page, please watch its a great trailer/Recap/Buildup to the Finale, full Credit goes to nameisirene who made it to which end i have posted as such below the vid.

    I also added in tribute a quote from Roy Montgomery from Knockdown in the "Quote" section, which i thought was his best.....well second best line in the episode....R.I.P Capt. Montgomery

    Also Ca…

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  • Carbon Spoony

    Hey to who ever is reading this, just thought i would post a lil blog just to say that all of Season 3's episode titles have been completed....episode 23 is called Pretty Dead while the season finale which i found on i am most looking forward to just because of the name is apprarently called Knockout....which is very similar to the superb episode titled Knockdown which im sure many fans will remember as the episode where Castle and Beckett kissed!! so does this hint to them finally getting together?? even better the season finale is said on the website to be written by the same guy!!!!

    So i will leave you to draw your own conclusions.... :P

    Cant wait for Season 3 finale and Season 4 to begin... Bam said the lady! :D

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