Hey all,

Sorry i have been gone, work has had me really busy and i thought i better let the shock of the Season 3 finale settle down....Cant wait for Season 4!!!

In the meantime we have got the new Nikki Heat book on the way..... :D

Also i've moved Knockout down to the "This Week On Castle" section and put a great Recap/Movie Trailer that i found on Youtube on the "Promo" video spot on the main page, please watch its a great trailer/Recap/Buildup to the Finale, full Credit goes to nameisirene who made it to which end i have posted as such below the vid.

I also added in tribute a quote from Roy Montgomery from Knockdown in the "Quote" section, which i thought was his best.....well second best line in the episode....R.I.P Capt. Montgomery

Also Castle has hit mainstream tv in the U.K finally!!! after being on a Cable/Satalite channel Alibi for some time.. Season 1 of Castle has just started on Channel 5 on Friday nights at 9pm! which is really good for a new show on Channel 5 as its followed by Law & Order and CSI: Miami and from what i read ratings are good!

Will be finishing up the Season 3 episodes with full plots soon-ish and hopefully unless someone beats me to it get season 4 pages ready...

Anyways best get to bed as i got work in erm.... 7 hours! lol


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