Could we have a conversation about whether or not we should be posting spoiler information? By "spoilers", I mean information leaked on fan sites and in the media about episodes which have not aired yet. This was triggered when I saw this page pop up.

I'm not saying we shouldn't, not yet, but I'm a little leery about this for a couple reasons. First, these things change. Sophia Turner's name changed several times. Even the episode title "Kick the Ballistics" was originally announced as "Kick in the Ballistics". Even official ABC announcements have sometimes proven to be misleading. By consensus, I think we all agree that the script and press releases are trumped by what actually makes it on air when it comes to canonicity.

Second, of course this wiki includes spoilers. It has to by definition; everything is a spoiler for somebody. But episodes that haven't even aired yet are spoilers in the most extreme sense. Not only that, but when the character is introduced and the episode actually appears, we'll have to re-write the page anyway.

I'd like to hear what other people think about this. Should the "spoilers" tag be used? Should we have a separate area of the wiki for spoiler/rumor information? Should the information be included at all? Or is it fine as is?

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