Looks like the world of Castle is getting a new mayor to interact with Nathan Fillion’s title character, except the mayor is staying the same while the actor portraying him is replaced. The first actor to play Mayor Robert Weldon was Joseph C. Phillips. He did the role for two episodes back in Season 1. While there’s no information given as to why the role was recast, we can at least dish out a good chunk of information about some of the changes that will come with the new actor.

According to TVLine, Damages actor Derek Webster will take over as Mayor Weldon. With his casting comes a major role expansion for the character. Specifically, the show will explore Weldon’s backstory, particularly his friendship with Castle that led to his partnering with Beckett. However, it is that exact friendship that becomes a bit of a scandel when a dead body is found in a car linked to the Mayor’s motor pool. Suddenly the partnership is threatened as the investigation may tear down Walden’s administration. It will be hard for Castle to get any work done when he’s under fire for being friends with the Mayor.

The new storyline sounds like a winner to me, and a great way to bring back a long ignored character. Webster will make his first appearance in the new year, hopefully leaving a positive impression. As long as he can sell the buddy-buddy stuff, then I’m game 100% for this recasting choice.

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