Let's start off by saying I apologize for my previous and ridiculous blog posts last year during the season 3 season finale. I had just caugh on to Caskett and had no Idea evryone called them Caskett until that night. Because I start watching it like at the end of season two or mmid- season 3. But I know everything from castle now. I apologize for my stupid blogposts in 2011.

Now, lets get off on the right foot.

(once upon a crime episode 17) I liked the way this murder was set up in this episode. From the fairy tale settings to the accidental arresting. The fact ttha tcastle found the bow being tied wrong put a smile on my face. I love when castle gets a conclusion or finds a clue its so rad! That's why I love Castle (not like that-- that be creepy) I just like how keen he is. And how well Beckett and Castle work together. I just love Catle (the show) all together!!

Well, until next time!

Young Rick Castle OUT!

Oh and if anyone finds a promo for next weeks episode please post a link in the comments below. Very much appreciated. :)

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