I've finally caught up on the last few episodes of Castle after missing out on some quality TV time the last few weeks and couldn't wait to share a few comments about the big on-screen kiss that Kate Beckett and Richard Castle finally shared in Knockdown, episode 13.

It was, in a word: Wowzers!

After waiting three-and-a-half seasons for a kiss, the actuality definitely lived up to the anticipation. What great chemistry! Even though the kiss may have started out as a diversion, about halfway through it clearly becomes a bit more real. The episode as a whole was just put together so well, weaving back and forth between the past and present and finally digging further into Kate's mother's murder.

Watch the Clip of the First Kiss

Let's go to the clip... thumb|300px|left

What do you all think about the kiss? Real? Just a diversion? Was it everything you've been waiting for?

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