OK, so that other people can tell me in detail where I'm going wrong, I'd like to try to explain the basis of my thinking.

I am probably too accustomed to heavy traffic sites like RP locations and the Marvel wiki, etc. However, in such places the material evolves constantly, people add to and refine on the work of others 24/7.

So, perhaps I'm missing the point of the wiki. I thought it was to collect and lay out information on the TV series, preferably in fairly good (not perfect) English. From my perspective, if there is no page on a character, then something here is lacking. At the moment there are well over 450 red links, which is to say 450 pages which have been suggested but not created.

As for the episodes themselves, very few, after the plagiarism purge, have a full recap of any kind. I thought this would be one of the most useful, fundamental things I could do. It has been pointed out to me that I get too poetic, so for any future recaps I will try to limit that.

Now we come, apparently, to the real sticking point - number and frequency of edits. Because so many pages are missing, and so many others incomplete, I see a great use in my filling these gaps - others disagree. To me, if people want to replace anything I've done with something better - like creating a new, clearer category for the CIA/FBI etc than Category:3 little letters - then that's great with me. I hope I'm not protective of what I put on here; it's meant to be a springboard for others to jump from.

However, the simple fact of too many changes too quickly seems to bother a number of users. So, in Christy's upcoming guidelines, I believe there is going to be a limit.

When I edit the language of entries, I do my best to respect the use and word choice of the original author, and only correct what is ungrammatical or (to me) extremely unclear. I think the simple fact that so many people contribute here, and a large percentage are not native speakers, is a real benefit to the wiki as a whole, and I hope I don't make anyone feel their contribution is not valued.

If that's the case, if I've made people feel bad, then I apologise without reservation. I am very sorry.

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