Hiya Castle fans!

After an amazing season of Castle filled with suspense, humor, and of course the epic Castle/Beckett kiss (finally!!) we're getting close to finale season and May Sweeps!

According to the infamous May Sweeps Calendar, there will be one serious fatality in Castle. Vote on the poll below an let us know who you think will be leaving Castle for good.

Castle and Beckett

Castle and Beckett have been dancing around the issue of their relationship for ages, and in the finale, it'll advance even further, although the producers won't say for better or for worse! What we do know is that their relationship is "essential in the finale."

When asked why they won't just bring the two lovebirds together, the producers say that they aren't quite ready to bring them together as a full-fledged couple, even though the natural progression will lead them to a whole different of relationship. To throw a wrench into the hearts of Castle/Beckett 'shippers, they do want to throw an obstacle in the twosome's way, although they're not quite sure what that will be yet.

Beckett's Mother

We the viewers will be finding out a lot more about the mystery surrounding Beckett's mother's death AND the fatality in the finale will be tied into her murder.

The producers say that there will be some breakthrough in the case that allows Beckett one more piece in the puzzle. Will it achieve closure? That we don't know...but the finale will be "explosive" and it WILL end with a cliff-hanger!


Who will die in the finale?

The poll was created at 23:39 on April 14, 2011, and so far 26 people voted.

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