With the season premiere of Castle in just a few short days, we've been sitting around wondering where the series will go during the ensuing season. We were left with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of last season -- In the season finale, an interview with a high-profile federal law enforcement agency forces Beckett to reconsider what she wants out of her job and out of her relationship with Castle. The dilemma was made more complicated when Castle proposed to her.

Do you think that Beckett will take the job? If she does, how long do you think she'll be there? Will she ever come back? How will Castle take the news? A three episode arc is planned for the beginning of this season. Lisa Edelstein ("House") guest stars as a tough and highly-skilled Federal investigator whose appearance plays a vital role in Beckett's decision about her future.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Does Beckett take the job?

The poll was created at 00:24 on September 24, 2013, and so far 2 people voted.

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