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  • Michael26

    Time Will Tell is my favorite season 6 episode. I like the idea of Beckett becoming a senator while it wasn't said which state she will represent in the senate but i'll like to think it will be New York. the statement of Castle and Beckett having 3 kids was a possible one. The names of their kids wasn't said but i'm gonna give all of you my thoughts on the names of their 3 kids: Oldest son Rick Jr., Daughter Johanna, and youngest son Jim. what do you think give me some feedback

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  • Michael26

    Beckett's choice

    May 28, 2013 by Michael26

    In  the  Season  5  finale   Beckett  was  offered  a  job  in  washington  DC  and  at  the  end  Castle  proposed  to  Beckett.  Now  obviously  season  6  will  pick  up  where  season  5  left  off.  My  theory  is  that  Beckett  will  accept  castle's  marriage proposal  but  turn  down  the  job  in  washington  DC

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