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  • Rwtia64

    Contrary to the recent news about postponing the appearance of Castle's dad indefinitely, looks like we will get to see him in the two-parter episode, rumored to be "Target" and "Hunt", after all.

    Well, it looks like one of our super cool theories on Castle's dad will be true. :) Awesome, right???


    Look who's playing the ruggedly handsome father:

    James Brolin!

    I bet everyone's as excited as me, right?
    For fellow Community fans out there, Mr Brolin will also be playing Winger's daddy! Oh myyy..

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  • Rwtia64

    Castle's dad! Ahhhh! Guys!

    December 3, 2012 by Rwtia64

    To quote (just the part about Castle's dad, though):

    "It looks as if we could be meeting Richard Castle's dad next year. Exec producer Andrew Marlowe is considering an "explosively personal" February-sweeps two-parter of ABC's Castle that would introduce the patriarch in a way that would profoundly impact both his son's and granddaughter Alexis' lives.
    What kind of man might he be? "I'm pretty sure he's ruggedly handsome," says Marlowe with a laugh, adding that Nathan Fillion's fantasy choice to play him is Harrison Ford!"

    You can read the rest about Castle 2013 from the sources. It tells us something about Bracken, a backstory for Esposito and also possibly for Detective Ryan, and a Valentine's episode!:…

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  • Rwtia64

    People's Choice Awards 2013

    November 18, 2012 by Rwtia64

    Have you guys voted yet?! Let's show our favorite TV show some love and vote for the Castle nominees for the PCAs this year!

    Castle for Favorite TV Crime Drama!
    Nathan Fillion for Favorite Dramatic TV Actor!
    Stana Katic for Favorite Dramatic TV Actress!

    You know.. if you want to. :P You can vote for the others you support, too, as well, of course. :D It's so hard to choose for some of the other categories, seriously! Ugh :)

    An alternative to voting on the site is tweeting these instead:

  • Castle #crimedrama #PeoplesChoice</li>
    • Nathan Fillion #dramatictvactor #PeoplesChoice</li>
    • Stana Katic #dramatictvactress #PeoplesChoice</li>
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  • Rwtia64

    Main page layout

    November 12, 2012 by Rwtia64


    Well, I know I'm fairly new here, but I love Castle a lot like you guys so I just want to help promote the show and this wiki.. Please don't think that I'm butting into the wiki and all, I really would just like to help. I'll be gone a while after this anyway, I'm going back to work in a few days, and I just have a lot of free time right now, which is why I'm on Wikia a lot lately.

    Anyway, the thing I want to say is.. I have quite an experience with html/css and photoshop.. and I was wondering if you would let me touch up and revamp the main page a bit. I already have a layout planned so you don't have to worry much about me messing up.. then when you are not pleased with the changes I made, you can just revert back to the current one…

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  • Rwtia64

    Or can I just skip a few?

    I just started watching Castle last week and, in a matter of days, finished the first and second season, all episodes in order. Now, I sort of want to catch up and I was wondering..

    Does anything super important to the story line happen in the 3rd and 4th season that I should see before I move on to the current (5th)? I know I should watch the 3rd season episodes on the case of Beckett's mom, and some in the 4th, then there's the episodes that builds up the Caskett relationship. But.. were there any new important plots that popped up in these two seasons that I should know of, or is it still pretty much the same? Thanks :)

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