Well, I know I'm fairly new here, but I love Castle a lot like you guys so I just want to help promote the show and this wiki.. Please don't think that I'm butting into the wiki and all, I really would just like to help. I'll be gone a while after this anyway, I'm going back to work in a few days, and I just have a lot of free time right now, which is why I'm on Wikia a lot lately.

Anyway, the thing I want to say is.. I have quite an experience with html/css and photoshop.. and I was wondering if you would let me touch up and revamp the main page a bit. I already have a layout planned so you don't have to worry much about me messing up.. then when you are not pleased with the changes I made, you can just revert back to the current one. Please tell me what you think, especially the active users and the admins, and then tell me if you're granting me the permission to do so.. :) Thank you!

EDIT 11/13/2012:

There, I've done the prelim changes.. I'm thinking of adding a light brown/creamed colored background to each section someday. Anyone, please tell me what you want changed or added or removed. Thanks again for the opportunity :) redwall64 13:09, November 13, 2012 (UTC)

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