I made this blog especially to know everyone's favorite episodes and whether they are the same as mine. You can straight away state the one you like the most or give a list of your favorites in order of preference or in any other order. But don't forget to mention why you like them so much.

Mine are:

All from the first season. But the best one's are :

1. Hedge Fund Homeboys (For the ensemble cast and the great story. That kid really makes you hate him, so very good acting on his part. The episode was a great take on friendships and how conniving and manipulative even school-going kids can be. I loved the part at the end where Castle tricks him into confessing. It's one of my favorite scenes on Castle. Perhaps I should start a blog on that one too. What do you guys think?

2. Hell Hath No Fury (This episode kept me guessing until the end. Again, great story and I think it had the some of the sensational twists on this show)

3. Flowers For Your Grave (The most amazing pilot episode of any show that I have ever seen. Before watching this episode, I wasn't too keen on watching another crime series, seeing as there is already such an abundance of those on television. I just wanted to see it because I am a fan of Susan Sullivan from the series Dharma and Greg. But this episode completely blew my mind and got me hooked to this series.

From the second seaon:

1. When the Bough Breaks (Heart-warming story)

2. Fool Me Once… (Sheer incredulity)

3. A Deadly Game (Great season finale and wonderful plot twists)

From the third season:

1. Knockdown (For obvious reasons. They had kept us waiting for too long)

2. To Love and Die in L.A. (The chemistry between Castle and Beckett)

3. Knockout (For the greatest twist in the entire show)

From the fourth season:

I haven't seen all of them but these are the ones that I liked so far:

1. Heartbreak Hotel (It is one of the funniest episodes on Castle)

2. Cops & Robbers (This one was very different and I loved seeing Beckett go to such lengths for Castle's safety. It was so obvious that she loves him and thinks of him as much more than just a friend. When Castle corrects the bank robber by telling him that Beckett isn't his girlfriend, I so badly wanted him to say, "But I wish she was.")

I'll be editing this blog again. Please feel free to comment and tell me your favorite episodes.

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