Victor Baron
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Kayla Baron (wife)
Character Information
Appearances Pretty Dead
Portrayed by Michael McKean

Victor Baron is a notable character who appeared on Season 3 episode Pretty Dead

Baron a business mogul and is the sponsor of Baron's All American Beauty Pageant. His wife is Kayla Baron who was a beauty queen and now is his co-sponsor of the contest.

When one of their contestants, Amber Middleberry, is murdered Victor and Kayla are the first ones interviewed by Beckett and Castle. Both have strong alibis for the time of the murder; Victor tells Castle and Beckett that Candace Ford will give any information they need.

Castle and Beckett notice that Victor and Kayla are very hypocritical as they act devastated by the death of Amber in front of the cameras, but in fact they only care about their business.

When Castle and Beckett discover some of photos of Amber naked, they realize that the photos were taken at Victor's Hamptons House, so they deduce that he was blackmailing her and that he killed her. When they go to confront him about the pictures, Kayla turns furious and Victor reveals that Amber was blackmailing him to name her winner and that Amber and her boyfriend took the pictures when he wasn't at home.

A still angry Kayla confirms that Victor was with her when the pictures were taken. At the end the killer is captured and both Victor and Kayla are in the clear.

Victor has discernible parallels with real-world constrution mogul, Donald Trump, blonde trophy wife not least among them.

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