Victoria Westlake
Wikia Castle - Victoria Westlake
Victoria Westlake on the board
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Spouse(s) Damian Westlake (current husband)
Simon Campbell (ex-husband)
Children 2 children (unknown if boys or girls)
Character Information
Appearances The Final Nail
Portrayed by uncredited actress

Victoria Westlake is the unhappy murder victim, and for much of The Final Nail it looks from the outside, if not to Castle, as if this is but the natural culmination of a mercenary, calculated marriage, into which she was duped by Damian Westlake.

However, events will exonerate Damian, of this crime, with Victoria actually being murdered by her 'best friend' Amber Patinelli to prevent Victoria returning to her ex-husband, Simon Campbell, whom Amber was in love with.

Castle, tragically, discovers that his friend is not so lily-white when it comes to his murky past, and uncovers proof that Damian committed patricide many moons ago, again for purely mercenary motives.

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